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Best Check's employment risk management solution lowers corporate recruitment costs and hiring risks of concocted capability, reduces commercial frauds and eliminates negligent hiring and retention lawsuits.

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As a global-leading anti-age expert in personal care and nutritional supplements, we regard talents as our core competency. We hanker for more honest, positive, passionate and diverse talents. Cooperating with Best check, we consistently follow our concept of hiring talents, which cut the cost of recruitment by getting a whole picture of the employees' characters and abilities.
Best Check has been our partner since we began to establish SOP preventing employment risk. After years of cooperation, we highly appreciate the precise, efficient, objective and professional service of Best Check, which helped a lot in preventing the risk in our recruitment.
As a renowned background research company in China, Best Check adheres to the customer-oriented attitude and provides good service with excellent efficiency. Best Check timely finished the tasks appointed by customers. During our two-year cooperation, the zero-incident service proves that Best Check is a outstanding background research agent and a good partner.
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With its professional service attitude and quick feedback time, Octagon Jincheng can obtain additional effective information through its own channels, and can truly and comprehensively investigate related personnel information, and at the same time, can closely guard the privacy information of relevant personnel and can quickly respond to the needs of customers.
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During the nearly six years of cooperation, Best Check can always comply with our requirements ,finishes the Background screening as scheduled with high quality.We are deeply impressed by its pragmatic attitude and strict work style. The Best Check’s high quality work delivery has effectively helped us avoid Employment Risk, We would like to express our sincere thanks to Best Check and hope to continue our sincere cooperation.
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